English all the time, with Daragh McInerney

A project that aims to help people learn English more quickly and successfully

Consultancy, classes, exam preparation, Game-based English

English all the time, with Daragh McInerney


What do I offer?

Consultancy on a variety of topics related to the English language

Personalised classes, adapted to the necessities and possibilities of the learner, using conversation as a principal tool. The type of classes on offer include:

Conversation classes, with a copy of corrected mistakes and an audio of the same presented to the student at the end of the class

Game-based classes, where games of all sorts are used to provide an enjoyable learning atmosphere. Ideal for midday classes, or for periods of heavy workloads

Exam preparation, with a particular focus on Cambridge exams, including PET, First, CAE, and the various business certificates offered by Cambridge

English for work. Legal English, Telephone English, Emails, Engineering English, Business English etc.