English all the time is a project of Daragh McInerney. Daragh is a teacher, consultant, writer and speaker who believes fervently that everyone can learn English, and that the key is engaging the learner in their own process.

Why English all the time?

After many years teaching English, I realised that the fundamental mistake that was preventing learners from progressing was the simple fact that they didn’t speak enough English. One of the principal missions I have as an educator is to find ways to convince students of the importance, not only of speaking to the teacher in English, but speaking to each other in English too. Speaking English all the time in class is vitally important for rapid success in the language.

What do I offer?


Personalised classes, adapted to the necessities and possibilities of the learner, using conversation as a principal tool. The type of classes on offer include:

Conversation classes, with a copy of corrected mistakes and an audio of the same presented to the student at the end of the class

Game-based classes, where games of all sorts are used to provide an enjoyable learning atmosphere. Ideal for midday classes, or for periods of heavy workloads

Exam preparation, with a particular focus on Cambridge exams, including PET, First, CAE, and the various business certificates offered by Cambridge

English for work. Legal English, Telephone English, Emails, Engineering English, Business English etc.

Contact: daraghmci@gmail.com

Telephone: (0034) 722349019